Simba Lighter Gas Refill 250ml

د.إ 8.99د.إ 48.99

  • BUTANE CANISTER: Canister holds High Quality Butane Gas for Gas Lighter Refill. Multi Nozzles for all kinds of REFILLABLE Gas Lighters in the World.
  • MULTI-NOZZLE: Ideally made for a seamless use with a multi nozzle cap for use in all domestic powered butane refillable products
  • CAUTION: Product is not meant for Welding Torch, Culinary Torch, Blow Torch or Flame Gas Torch or Piezo.
  • NOTE: This product has been manufactured only for REFILLING Gas Lighters such as Cigarette Lighters or Torches with Built-In Gas Containers.
  • USAGE: ONLY to be used for Refilling Butane Lighters and Butane Powered Domestic Products. Choose the appropriate adaptor for your Lighter. Holding the Can firmly near the top, invert and press the nozzle into the lighter’s filling recess.

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